SOREMA: Large PET Bottles Recycling Plant in Operation in China

SOREMA: Large PET Bottles recycling plant in operation in China
Recently, in the Chinese province of Fujian, a new Sorema rPET line with a production capacity of 9,000 Kg/h of flakes became fully operational and a second rPET line will be operational in the coming months.

Both lines are designed to achieve the highest quality of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) flakes to manufacture polyester monofilaments used for textile and sportswear garments of the most renowned international brands.

These projects confirm the positioning of Sorema technology in the high quality/high capacity segment of bottle-to-bottle and bottle-to filament recycling plants, also in a highly competitive market such as China.

A Sorema plant with the same design is also in operation at Envases Universales Mexico.

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