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Leave the Dusty Days Behind with CURTpro: The Intelligent Management Software

Bolzano, 8th August - Today, EmiControls, leading innovator in dust binding solutions, is proud to announce the launch of CURTpro, a state-of-the-art automatic dust management system designed to revolutionize dust control in various industries. Equipped with an array of advanced features, CURTPRO sets a new standard for efficiency, ease of use, and interconnectivity.

The automated management software CURTpro monitors all dust controllers and associated components of a plant and controls them in real-time. CURTpro is the control system which is smart and easy-to-operate, a real game changer. It can be configured with customized settings allowing the system to automatic react according based on the inputs of the linked sensors. The software can be conveniently accessed by a PC and manages machines in real-time, all with the simple click of a mouse. The responsibility for dust and odor abatement no longer rests on the shoulders of workers, as CURTpro now operates in a fully automated manner, effectively optimizing resource deployment.

CURTpro offers the following advantages:

Custom configuration

  • Adjustable to suit each operation area
  • Virtually controllable through interactive map dashboard also in remote by means of live inputs
  • Perfect adaptability to all customer requirements

Automated processing and sensor technology

  • The system acts completely autonomous via preconfigured rules and manages the plant independently
  • Thanks to the high-end sensor technology, CURTpro receives input on external conditions and reacts accordingly

Efficient dust & odor abatement

  • CURTpro enables best monitoring and reporting and helps to identify and exploit any optimization potential
  • CURTpro reduces the use of resources and personnel can be freed up
  • Time savings and improved safety for operators, thanks to auto-control and remote access

The system is configured based on customizable events, also interconnectable with already installed operational programs, ensuring optimal performance at all times completely independently. Events are combinations of various circumstances and the corresponding parameters, which can occur and on which the system can consequently automatically take the preconfigured measures.

With CURTpro, integration is seamless. The system allows for the integration of the H2 System and waterlines, enabling each individual line to be set up with its own events and rules. This level of granularity ensures precise and targeted dust control, maximizing the effectiveness of the system.

A further important feature of the system is its new user-friendly dashboard, providing operators with intuitive control over the system. With a sleek interface, monitoring and managing dust control operations have never been easier. A new comfortable and above all dust-free era has begun!

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