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Hiab Meets Challenges of Waste Collection Customers with new Crane for Underground Containers

Hiab Meets Challenges of Waste Collection Customers with new Crane for Underground Containers
Intended for use with underground refuse containers, Hiab has engineered the HIAB S-HiPro 230W to make it easier for operators to efficiently and safely perform their work in increasingly crowded and chaotic urban centers.

“As more cities around the world turn to underground containers as an aesthetically pleasant and convenient solution for managing waste, we at Hiab have been listening to customers about the challenges of handling and emptying these containers. Working in traffic on congested streets, they need equipment that allows them to collect the waste quickly, without damaging the truck or posing a risk to operators and the surrounding area. In an industry with high employee turnover, they also need technology that offers simple and intuitive control for beginning operators,” says Hans Ohlsson, Director, Medium-Range, HIAB Loader Cranes.

Hiab designed the HIAB S-HiPro 230W with exactly these customer demands in mind, resulting in a waste collection crane that ensures stronger, simpler and safer performance. Compared to earlier generations, the new crane provides up to 30% greater lifting capacity in the positions that are most crucial for this specific application. At the same time, Hiab engineers have managed to reduce the dead weight of the crane by around 150 kg.

The HIAB S-HiPro 230W comes equipped with Hiab’s advanced HiPro remote control system, which makes it easy to steer the crane with complete precision for novice operators. It also has Hiab’s unique Semi-Automatic Motion system. It simplifies crane operation which in turn increases the level of safety that the crane can offer. “With a crane that practically controls itself, operators can instead concentrate on making sure that they, the truck and the surrounding areas are safe and protected,” adds Hans Ohlsson.

“We know that the main focus of fleets working in urban waste collection is to get each job done quickly and without trouble so they can carry on to the next one. As a stronger, simpler and safer crane, we believe the HIAB S-HiPro 230W will make it easier than ever to do just that. This is why we are launching it with the promise that this is a crane that will keep you moving!” Hans Ohlsson concludes.

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