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Equipment for Automatic Sorting of Municipal Solid Waste

The problem of sorting, processing and disposal of waste is becoming more and more pressing every year. The automated technology of municipal solid waste sorting is now recognized as a priority, which means for owners of waste processing business the need to complete waste sorting plants with equipment for automatic waste separation with recovery of recyclables suitable for further processing.

ERGA offers advanced reliable equipment that fully complies with the current statutory requirements for automation of MSW sorting lines and provides efficient solutions for recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, waste sorting in automatic mode with minimum maintenance.

Eddy current separator for recovery of non-ferrous metals as part of MSW sorting line

For over 10 years ERGA has been manufacturing eddy current separators that have proven themselves in the processing of plastics, cables, and glass waste. It should be noted that there are no analogues of such equipment. To solve the problems of waste sorting plants, a new model of ERGA EddyFlow VF eddy-current magnetic separator has been released, providing automatic recovery of valuable recyclable materials containing non-ferrous metal as well as Tetra Pak packaging from the waste stream.

Fig. 1 ERGA EddyFlow VF eddy current separator for recovery of non-ferrous metals as part of MSW sorting line

The experience of ERGA EddyFlow VF 2000 eddy current separator installation at one of the world facilities for sorting MSW has surpassed the customer’s expectations. The quantity of recyclables recovered for profitable sale during the first week was enough to estimate easily how quickly the equipment costs will be paid off. See video of the equipment in operation on our YouTube.

Suspended magnetic separator for recovery of ferrous metals as part of MSW sorting line

Suspended magnetic separator ERGA SuspendMag A with automatic cleaning is a confident bestseller of our company. More than 1 000 models of SuspendMag A equipment have been supplied and put into operation at various enterprises.

Fig. 2 ERGA SuspendMag A suspended magnetic separator for recovery of ferrous metals as part of MSW sorting line

ERGA SuspendMag A new special model for MSW sorting lines was developed based on the feedback and wishes of our customers – representatives of the waste recycling business. This model features an effective throw of the magnetic fraction outside the conveyor due to the increased length of the magnetic system. Reliable components from the world’s leading manufacturers (Bonfiglioli, Nord, SKF, Asahi), a 3-ply armored conveyor belt, a minimum set of spare parts and easy integration of equipment into existing waste sorting lines complete a convincing list of equipment advantages. See video of the equipment in operation on our YouTube.

Fig. 3 Mobile shredders and crushers equipped with suspended separators ERGA SuspendMag A with hydraulic motors

ERGA has successful experience in the manufacture of customized solutions, including separators for mobile shredders and crushers of such manufacturers as Husmann, Arjies, Hammel, Pronar, etc. The option of completing mobile shredders with suspended magnetic separators SuspendMag A type with hydraulic motor for connection to the hydraulic power system is available.

Trommel screen for separation of fines, not suitable for further processing

The most common and easy-to-maintain equipment for separating fines from MSW is a drum screen (trommel). ERGA has produced dozens of modifications of drum screens, including mobile models for classification of various materials. Upon customer’s request the drum can be equipped with special knives for breaking bags in waste sorting.

Fig. 4 ERGA TS Trommel screen for waste sorting

ERGA TS screen has adjustable inclination angle for optimal separation of material and advancement of the coarse fraction to the discharge end. It is equipped with screens of various designs and from perforated steel sheets with required mesh sizes and shapes.

For additional automatic cleaning, the design of ERGA TS Trommel screen provides for the installation of a cleaning brush, rotating on the outer side of the drum to clean the screen holes in case of clogging with fine material.

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