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Induction Sorter | 4.0 Ready

Induction Sorter | 4.0 Ready
We are an innovative company and creating new model, sensor based sorters for the industry is a main company focus, such as the LIBS-MS. Our oldest machines, however, are still very much relevant today.

The induction sorter is a standard for metal recovery in any shredder downstream. Together with the Magnet and the Eddy Current Sorter (ECS) the induction sorter is mandatory in the recovery of all metals in any post shredder sorting line. Modernization of our older model, proven machines is another company focus. We want these machines to be able to uphold the standards of tomorrow. We have given our inductions sorter model a comprehensive technical face lift. This does not mean mechanical surgery or a new paint design. We have redesigned and modernized the entire electronics so that the machine will absolutely continue to be relevant not just today, but into the future.

Our industry 4.0 technology helps you manage and optimize all aspects of your sorting processes. It gives you access to the real time data and the insights needed to make smarter, faster decisions about your process which can ultimately boost the efficiency and profitability of your sorting operation. The new hardware and software of the MSB-2022 series allows you to collect information relating to the sensor history as well as the condition of individual components such as the solenoid valves in the diverter module. The operation of the machine can be remote using an industrial tablet with Bluetooth and WiFi, as well as being locally situated in the machine control cabinet using LAN. With IoT (Internet of Things) data can be saved in a cloud and used for back-ups or general process information. Our Sense2Sort Process Operator App makes it all happen.

In addition to these electronical improvements, we have been able to increase the scanning time to 40 times higher. This higher scan time allows us to minimize the ‘over sorting’ and improves the metal purity in the ejected fraction, especially in the fine fraction between 1-3 mm. High scan time also brings new possibilities for us to increase the sensor resolution down to several millimeters in the very near future. Finally with the RFID system we have improved machine safety and operator access.

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Sorting technologies have developed considerably in the last 15 years. Today, they are accepted as standard equipment for the processing of primary and secondary bulk materials. In many cases, this has also led to the...

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