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Kiverco Provides more Automated Waste Processing Plants in the UK

Kiverco Provides more Automated Waste Processing Plants in the UK
In recent years, automation has played a leading role within waste handling and processing to increase efficiencies, reduce the dependence on labour, and create cleaner recyclable waste products.

The drive towards a ‘zero-waste’ society may be slower than many would like, but it is gathering pace with more and more awareness creating more noise about the need for better waste management. With growing demands placed on the industry, companies are investing in new technology to help achieve better results for themselves, the waste industry, local communities, and the nation as a whole. Labor shortages are also making companies think more about investing in technology and have indeed led to some already taking this decision.

Earlier this year, Kiverco received several multi-million-pound orders from leading waste management companies in the UK, including Excel Waste Management and Holywell Ltd. These companies chose to invest in larger semi-automated waste plants that would increase throughput, improve performance, provide better outputs and ultimately divert more waste than ever before away from landfill.

Advanced Air Separation Technology is becoming more popular as it effectively separates heavy waste such as concrete and brick from lighter waste such as card, paper, and plastic. This first stage separation makes it much easier to further separate this lighter waste into specific waste products either by hand or using Optical Sorting technology. Cameras, scanners, and data accurately identify the chosen waste product and use powerful air jets to remove these products from all other waste. Highly effective and extremely accurate, optical sorters are becoming more commonplace in non- C&D waste sorting but are also appearing in some C&D sorting facilities.

Robotic separation is becoming more advanced and is starting to appear on some sites in the UK. The heavier pieces of waste are more difficult to pick although claw robots are available and have improved. The fast pick robots are more popular though and are mainly used as a quality pick alternative to humans. Despite the appearance of robots recently, they are much less popular than optical sorting which provides a faster separation process at present. This may change in the near future though!

Commenting on the trend towards larger and more advanced waste plants in the UK, Con Gallagher, Global sales Manager concluded:

“We have been supplying the waste sector in the UK for almost 30 years and have seen certain trends evolve during that time. The market is demanding better separation with guaranteed results and is challenged by the serious lack of labor to manually sort waste. The technology is available, and we are constantly innovating to provide our customers with the latest best-in-class solutions. Our solutions are highly effective and genuinely game-changing, revolutionizing the industry which will ensure our customers are achieving an optimum return on investment and futureproofing their business for many years to come.”

Kiverco balances and optimizes the relationship between the world’s most advanced automated recycling technology, with the world’s most robust recycling plant, in ways that no one else can. 

Blending the most powerful and effective automated recycling technology with recycling plant infrastructure that has been world-famous, for almost 30 years. Their higher sustainable performance output, more uptime, and longer useful life are considered by some to be the holy grail of recycling plant design and manufacturing.

The robustness of yesterday and the automated recycling power of tomorrow, inside a single recycling plant.

This is all made possible in our world because Kiverco has been over-specifying at the recycling plant design stage since 1994, thus creating a perfect platform with which to now merge even the newest technologies in the automated recycling space.

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