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Lindner’s Urraco 75DK, part of the World’s Largest Energy from Waste Facility in Dubai

Lindner’s Urraco 75DK, part of the World’s Largest Energy from Waste Facility in Dubai
15 Dec 2021  |
Austrian recycling pioneer Lindner has been chosen by the Swiss waste-to-energy technology firm Hitachi Zosen Inova, its joint venture partner, the BESIX Group, and the Dubai Municipality for bulk shredding at the world’s largest energy-from-waste plant. The facility is currently being built in Warsan, Dubai.

As part of Dubai’s sustainability strategy, the Dubai Municipality aims to minimize the volume of municipal waste disposed of in landfills, thereby investing in renewable energy facilities. The new plant in Warsan will be the biggest of its kind worldwide and treat 5,555 tonnes of non-recyclable municipal solid waste from the Dubai area per day, converting 1,825 million tonnes into renewable energy annually. The produced electricity will be fed into the local grid as baseload energy and power around 120,000 homes.

Lindner welcomes the opportunity to be part of such a sustainable and quality-oriented project. Hitachi Zosen Inova stated that the Urraco 75DK has proven to fulfill all quality requirements with an exceptional price-performance ratio. In addition, the many positive user testimonials spoke in Lindner’s favour.

The world’s largest energy from the waste facility is currently being built in Dubai. In line with Dubai’s sustainability strategy, it will transform 5,555 tonnes of non-recyclables into renewable energy annually.

About the Urraco 75DK, mobile shredder

Compactness in its strongest form: Solidly constructed, the Lindner Urraco 75DK shreds even difficult materials with its 1500 mm long twin-shaft cutting system. Thanks to the extremely robust welded cutting system, a wide range of input materials can be shredded. Furthermore, pre-configured programs allow perfect adaptation to the input material. In addition, it provides automatic detection of non-shreddables.

Optionally, the mobile shredder can be equipped with an FE-metal separator, a dust suppression system, a fire extinguishing system for the machine room, and a shaft hard facing.

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