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The Uncrowned King in High-Performance Recycling

The Uncrowned King in High-Performance Recycling
4 Feb 2022  |
With its twin-shaft shredders, ARJES has become the leading specialist for mobile material recycling within just a few years. Of course, this also applies to the "Mobile Heavy-Duty Class" - the ARJES TITAN 900 and 950. These powerful machines fit perfectly into the philosophy of Moerschen Mobile Aufbereitung.

More and more users with a wide range of application requirements are successfully using ARJES systems. An excellent example is Hartsteinwerk Gihl GmbH in Eppelborn, Germany in the Saarland region. For three generations, this successful medium-sized company has been serving customers from the industry and public and private sectors. Today, Hartsteinwerk Gihl is a certified company specializing in demolition and recycling. The main pillars within the versatile fields of the business include the operation of a hard stone plant and several landfills as well as the maintenance of its own recycling lines.

Convinced through performance

In this segment, the professional medium-sized company now relies on an ARJES TITAN 900, the “mobile heavy-duty class” from the machine specialist in Leimbach. The application possibilities of the twin-shaft shredder of the ARJES performance class are tailor-made for Gihl, as Sven Brookshaw, Managing Director of Moerschen Mobile Aufbereitung, also notes: “User satisfaction is understandable: the ARJES TITAN 900 fits the requirements profile of Gihl GmbH perfectly.” This is because the certified recycling company in the Saarland region processes a wide variety of delivered materials, from wood waste to household and bulky waste, which is not unusual for them to do in immediate sequence. The shredding of such heterogeneous materials poses major problems for many plants. With the ARJES TITAN 900, Gihl GmbH has a true ” all-purpose” machine that can shred all tasks without the need for a changeover. The TITAN 900, which was first introduced in mid-2021 as a short version of the proven ARJES TITAN 950, has already made itself indispensable in Gihl’s material sales. To be able to guarantee a wide range of applications with the best results, the TITAN shredders have powerful attributes: A Volvo Penta engine of the EU V emission level, which is considered the current technical standard of the premium class in this class, supplies the TITAN with 550 hp. Adapted to the most adverse operating conditions, the ARJES TITAN 900 has a standard reversing fan. With its self-cleaning fan, the machine provides optimum air circulation and dirt reduction in the engine compartment – resulting in significantly reduced maintenance requirements in continuous operation.

Convinces through simplicity

The Uncrowned King in High-Performance Recycling

An innovative SCU control, including remote control, enables the use of predefined shredding profiles and allows pre-programmed adjustment of the shaft run. This makes the practical system ”plug-and-play” extremely easy to operate, especially when it comes to changing feed materials. “It is not uncommon today for user-friendly operability and operational efficiency to stand or fall precisely with these characteristics.”, says Sven Brookshaw.  A simple but highly effective mode of operation also determines the extended capabilities of the TITAN series. The sophisticated shaft design of the shredder is designed to meet even the most difficult requirements. However, should new tasks come up for the ARJES TITAN 900, the options can be effectively optimized via a total of three different shaft types – for concrete or metal, for example. In this case, the ARJES TITAN is equipped with a shaft quick-change system that is unique on the market and allows adjustments to be made in a very short time. In addition to virtually uninterrupted use, the modular cassette system of the shafts simplifies the maintenance of the machine.

Generally convincing

Countless applications can be found in the construction and demolition industry, as well as in the shredding of mixed scrap. Depending on the feed material, the performance capacities range from 30 tons per hour for highly heterogeneous mixed scrap and up to 200 tons per hour for construction waste or scrap wood – so the ARJES TITAN 900 undoubtedly deserves its “heavy-duty class” designation. The long body of the TITAN 950 allows complete car bodies to be inserted in one piece. Thanks to its short, tracked chassis, the TITAN 900 is exceptionally maneuverable in tight spaces within the recycling hall and on the worksite. Thanks to its compact dimensions and weight of only 35 tons, the system is also ideal for transporting low platforms. The ARJES TITAN 900 as a whole also offers the best price-performance ratio on the German market. The new “Multifunctional” as an extension of the ARJES heavy-duty class also fits perfectly into the Moerschen Mobile Aufbereitung portfolio. “The new ARJES TITAN 900 will certainly be a great success in our sales region, because there are many cost-conscious users, such as Gihl GmbH, with high demands on performance and versatility,” says Sven Brookshaw.  The fact that ARJES also offers the TITAN 900 as a stationary, electrically operated unit shows how the manufacturer has focused intensively on potential customer requirements during development and design.

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