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New Design for Top Sliding Door on MACFAB Vertical Balers

19 Sep 2023  |
MACFAB are excited to announce that the latest updated version of their top sliding door which is available across many models in the MACFAB range of vertical balers.

There have been improvements to the wire rope design and also the pulley wheels for the wires.  
Pully Wheels now includes extra guards to hold them in position during the opening and closing process. This design has an upgraded Magnet and Safety switch configuration which is both more robust and easier to maintain over the life of the baler.  The plastic guides are now made from recycled plastic in an effort to increase the use of recyclable materials in the manufacture of MACFAB balers.

During the design process a test rig was constructed to test the new design by simulating lifetime use by opening and closing the door constantly. This test was run 24 hours a day 7 days a week for a number of weeks to simulate use of the baler over a 10-year period. The test ran more than a quarter million cycles.

Top Sliding doors on vertical balers offer an extra level of automation as the top door will be released open after each compaction cycle.  Another benefit is a smaller operational footprint during the compaction process compared to a hinged top door.  This is especially beneficial if the baler is installed close to lanes used by fork trucks or pallet trucks.

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