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REP-TEC Launch the SAMSON and GOLIATH of Twin Ram Baler

REP-TEC Launch the SAMSON and GOLIATH of Twin Ram Baler
19 Jan 2022  |
REP-TEC automated recycling solutions is starting the year off with a bang by launching their two new fully automatic twin ram balers: SAMSON and GOLIATH.

These new models, designed and manufactured at REP-TEC’s new production facilities in Northern Ireland, are ideal for companies who wish to bale a range of materials from cardboard, plastics, steel & ALU cans to RDF & SRF. The powerful twin ram balers have been designed to be high-performing with a huge press force, helping customers achieve maximum throughput and bale weights. 

REP-TEC, which specializes in automated recycling solutions, has already made a significant impact in the recycling industry with its range of data-led automated equipment.

Colm Grimes, Founder, and CEO of REP-TEC explains more about this project,

“We are delighted to launch our two new fully automatic balers, SAMSON and GOLIATH, named after Belfast’s iconic cranes. And as the names suggest we want them to stand tall in the industry and do the heavy lifting in recycling MRFs. We are also very proud to design and manufacture machines in Northern Ireland and like so many local companies we have the belief that we can be the best in the world at what we do.

Our design philosophy is to make automatic machines that reduce the labor burden for recycling companies. Automation, strength, and reliability were the most important factors when designing and producing our very own balers.

Our team at REP-TEC has worked within the industry for many years, so we know exactly what the customers need when it comes to balers. We wanted to ensure that our balers solve common issues that customers come across when baling all sorts of material. We believe our balers do that and more!”

Kamil Kluk, one of the senior design engineers on the twin ram project adds, “This has been really exciting for us to design and develop our own brand of twin ram balers. We know these machines well and want to ensure that these models are the very best in the industry. We use detailed finite element analysis (FEA) when developing our machines. This ensures optimum material selection, and that the construction is robust and long-lasting.”

Using the latest technology

REP-TEC always ensures that automation is at the forefront when developing new products. These high-performance balers incorporate the latest technology, allowing customers to access real-time performance data. Accessing important management information comes as standard on these models, giving our customers all the relevant information, they need, to make good business decisions. Each machine also has a touch screen display with programmable material settings, helping customers to maximize throughputs and bale weights.

Designing the best balers in the industry

REP-TEC has a team of forward-thinking engineers who have many years of experience within the waste equipment industry. Over time, this team has seen first-hand the problems customers encounter and they are passionate about designing high-quality, state-of-the-art balers, that address many of these issues.

The balers have gone through extensive design and testing to ensure that uptime is kept to a high level. Issues such as material jams have been eliminated. If something does go wrong, live information can be accessed remotely or on-site, to investigate this further.

Reducing costs with high-density bales

With their huge press force, these new balers are designed to produce high-density bales allowing customers to maximize payloads. The more consistent bales are also better stacked, resulting in maximized space on transport containers.

With the option of producing bales of up to 1 tonne by 1 meter in height, handling movements and labor can also be greatly reduced.

Customized to suit

There is a range of optional extras available on the twin ram balers, such as on-floor or in-floor conveyors, direct wrapping options, and much more.

REP-TEC can also customize balers to suit any business. The team will take the time to understand the customer’s requirements and design a solution that works best for their business.

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