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Remote Installation Of FPP60 At GreenWeee In Romania

Remote Installation Of FPP60 At GreenWeee In Romania
19 Feb 2021  |
The recycling company GreenWEEE is a long-standing customer of MRT System having bought solutions for lamp recycling for many years.

When it was time to enlarge with a process line for opening and recycling of flat panel displays the order coincided with Covid-19. Instead of waiting out the restrictions linked to the global pandemic, the two companies decided that sustainability work must not be paused. Instead rethinking, courage and trust led to new solutions.

“Since 2009, we have invested more than 25 million EUR in the WEEE business, especially in technologies, and this was the first time we did the installation of a processing line only by online guidance and support of the manufacturer. This says a lot about the capabilities of MRT System AB which adapted their processes to the current needs of the market and helped us install and run, without any problems”, says Marius Costache, General Manager at GreenWEEE International S.A.

An order from MRT System normally includes installation, training and commissioning in order to ensure maximum productivity of the investment from the beginning. This time, however, the situation with travel restrictions made it impossible to carry out installations on site. The Flat Panel Processor FPP60 was shipped to the facility in Buzau, Romania from Sweden and the installation was for the first time made from a distance with skilled professionals at both ends. Mr. Klas-Göran Johansson, Technical Service Manager at MRT System AB, used all available technologies, videos, live chat etcetera to guide Mr. Gheorghe Popescu, Technical Director at GreenWEEE through the installation.

“The GreenWEEE case is extra special as we managed to make the installation remote with the help of skilled workers of GreenWEEE. It was a bit scary at first, but through our long relationship, we know that Mr. Popescu and GreenWEEE employees have a very high level of knowledge and integrity – so in the end the decision to try this was easy”, says Patrick Strandqvist, COO at MRT Systems AB.

Distance technology as a service

All MRT System AB solutions are equipped with MRT Connect tm, meaning that diagnostics and monitoring of test runs can be done by the MRT Technical Service department from a distance when the equipment is installed. In general, this implies cost savings for the clients as a lot of the service and support can be done from the head office in Karlskrona, Sweden.

The relationship between MRT System and GreenWEEE is now even stronger and the special situation has given co-operation and customer satisfaction a boost.

“We are very proud that GreenWEEE has chosen MRT System AB as a partner for the expansion. We know that GreenWEEE did very thorough market research of available options for the dismantling of Flat Display Panels, so it was not only our strong relationship but also the overall economic benefits that resulted in choosing the FPP60 concept from MRT System AB” says Patrick Strandqvist.

“GreenWEEE is proud to say that it has a partner in MRT System AB when it comes to “state of the art” technology and service provider”, concludes Marius Costache.

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