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Revolutionary New Container Dumper Improves Recycling Market Applications

Revolutionary New Container Dumper Improves Recycling Market Applications
There’s a new container dumper in town, offering revolutionary benefits that will tackle recycling industry challenges commonly associated with hydraulic container dumpers regarding speed, messy hydraulic fluids, space constraints, and overhead clearance limitations.

Recycling industry problems persisted, and Endura-Veyor, Inc. innovated a dumper that elevates the dependability and versatility of their industry-leading Container Dumper Line with the invention of an unrivaled novel design.

Endura-Veyor’s patent pending Optimizer Container Dumper defies immutable ceiling height, overhead clearance, and floor space limitations while outperforming hydraulic dumpers in virtually every category. Optimizer Container Dumper models are structurally and mechanically designed to overcome restrictions that limit typical dumpers from performing. Within a small footprint, these hydraulic-free dumpers operate much quieter and significantly extend the horizontal reach to unload bulk and loose recyclable material such as E-Scrap, paper, OCC, rigid plastic, and film into hoppers, shredders, balers, and downstream equipment. A unique rotational design enables drums to rotate in a manner that evades overhead clearance interferences, even with higher discharge height requirements. Models are driven by oversized dual chains with built-in redundancy that provide extra strength, lifting power, and increased reliability for various recycling applications.

Benefits of Optimizer Dumper models for the recycling industry include:

  • Smaller footprint
  • Significantly reduced overhead clearance requirements
  • Greater horizontal reach
  • Fast cycle speed
  • Hydraulic-free
  • Quiet operation
  • Higher discharge height
  • Material metering discharges

To fulfill a broad range of customer needs, Endura-Veyor has developed two model types: Optimizer and   Hi-Lift Optimizer. Dump or discharge height requirements will primarily determine the model that will be best for each application. Optimizers reach dump heights of up to 102 inches, while Hi-Lift Optimizers start dumping from heights of nine feet, can reach up to 20 feet, and include a full height enclosure as an added safety measure. What makes Hi-Lift Optimizers unique is their ability to cycle up to 50% faster and lift various container types higher than hydraulic lift and dump models. In addition, these models can be built with multiple discharge height positions, allowing them to feed various pieces of equipment, which further increases achievable space savings and plant efficiency.

Both models benefit from the innovative design that saves more floor space than traditional dumpers. A smaller footprint means more space for forklifts and pallet jacks to maneuver and load containers for Optimizer Dumpers to efficiently feed shredders, granulators, balers, and various processing equipment that prep material for reuse and recycling. Traditionally, to achieve higher discharge heights, tall drums are required—not the case with Optimizer Container Dumpers. The patent pending design equips models with the ability to unload various types of containers while evading potential overhead clearance interferences. As if that is not enough, both models can provide greater control with material metering abilities that benefit many recycling applications, especially where size reduction equipment is being fed. By slowing or stopping the rotating drum at any position during the dump cycle, Optimizer Dumpers can meter and control the flow of material that feeds shredders, grinders, and granulators to avoid overfeeding and jamming.

Being chain-driven, hydraulic fluid, maintenance, and contamination concerns are eliminated. While hydraulic-driven dumpers are known for their power, they require more overhead clearance in accordance with the lift. The Optimizer models’ dual oversized chains have the necessary power as well as built-in redundancy, adding extra performance assurance when lifting and dumping various container types and sizes up to 2,000 pounds.

Taller drum heights can limit the horizontal reach of typical dumpers; when unloading into hoppers, material often accumulates to one side, resulting in uneven, less dense bales, commonly known as banana bales. Good news: Optimizer Container Dumpers significantly extend the horizontal reach to shorten the gap between equipment within a small footprint. This innovative feature allows these models to unload material above the center of hoppers to even the distribution of material in bale chambers, which results in improved bale uniformity, density, and overall quality. Furthermore, when unloading bulk and loose material into equipment that is either difficult to access due to space restrictions or even when there are concerns of interfering with other equipment, Optimizer Dumpers will be transformative. They have been strategically designed to more than double the horizontal reach, articulate, and effectively perform in tricky unloading environments.

Standard controls include a PLC, an HMI screen or user-friendly push buttons, auto-lube chain, and cycle tracking. Available options include auto-run mode, maintenance suggestions, and customizable advanced metering functionality. Available structural options include custom drum sizes, chutes, and features of gated enclosures, light curtains, and swing, slide, or lift doors.

A container dumper with a smaller footprint, less overhead clearance required, and increased productivity, all backed by Endura-Veyor’s quality reputation and professional employees who listen to customer needs—that’s a solid choice. Combining innovation with speed, simplicity, and a robust design to solve some of the toughest recycling industry challenges: that’s the Optimizer.

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