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Aluminium Recycling Plants: How To Recycle Aluminium Profitably

Aluminum Recycling Plants: How To Recycle Aluminum Profitably
19 Sep 2023  |
Material recovery and recycling of non-renewable resources are increasingly central topics nowadays. In fact, due to the excessive consumption of raw materials, it is necessary to work on the recovery of recyclable materials to reduce our environmental impact. This is why investing in industrial recycling lines can be a real game changer for our planet (as well as a profitable choice for companies).

Among the materials best suited to infinite recycling we see aluminium: the leading main character of metals that can be recovered and brought to new life countless times.

A resource with infinite potential: aluminium

Over the years we are witnessing a strong growth in items produced from aluminium. This trend is mainly driven by the fact that aluminium, in addition to being able to be used in countless sectors, allows it to be 100 percent recycled countless times.
This, of course, contributes to a reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere and avoids the extraction or production of new material to make new materials, thus decreasing our environmental impact on the planet.

Aluminium processing systems:

FOR REC designs high-performance custom machines for aluminium recycling.
These plants make it possible to: sort the material, reduce the volume, and finally bring this metal to new life for new processing.
Specifically, the highest-performing lines developed by FOR REC for aluminium processing include:

  • FX primary shredder: double-shaft shredder with four motors and cutting sectors, used for volume reduction and initial roughing of ferrous and nonferrous materials;
  • Z15 hammer mill: extremely powerful and fast, allows processing of heterogeneous materials;
  • XH single-rotor grinder: hydraulic grinder with high torque and low speed, complete with rotor reported against wear caused by metal grinding.

Thanks to these industrial machines, it is possible to process many types of products, such as: bulk and baled cans, aluminium profiles, aluminium casting or cables.

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