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VAUCHÉ, a quality know-how… :

VAUCHÉ, a quality know-how… :

VAUCHÉ offers solutions in all areas of sorting and recovery of solid waste:

  • single stream waste,
  • municipal sorting waste (MSW),
  • industrial waste,
  • bottom ash,
  • construction and demolition waste,
  • organic waste,
  • refuse derive fuel (RDF) and solid recovered fuel (SRF),
  • infectious clinical waste (DASRI).

The VAUCHÉ company is:

  • over 160 years of existence,
  • an extensive study capacity : 50 employees; engineers and designers,
  • more than 40 years experience in the field of large file sorting and file management,
  • a project department that offers tailor-made, adapted, high-performance and innovative solutions,
  • the mastery of all the techniques of conveying, sorting and recovery of waste,
  • more than 220 installations in France and abroad with processing units with a capacity of up to 1 200 tonnes of waste sorted per day,
  • the design and manufacture of its own equipment (belt conveyors, steel apron conveyors, belt and chain extractors, rotary screens, densimetric tables,…),
  • the integration of specific equipment, developed by recognized partners in the sorting and recycling business,
  • a great flexibility and production capacity.

The particularity of VAUCHÉ company and its strength are the expertise and control of the entire process with complete autonomy. VAUCHÉ defines processes according to the needs of its customers, offers innovative solutions adapted to expectations and requirements, designs and manufactures its equipment, installs it and commissions it to deliver a turnkey unit.

This evolution of structure and competences enables VAUCHÉ today to compete and to obtain very representative markets in France and abroad and to guarantee customer’s satisfaction and optimal operating efficiency on new lines as well as on renovations of lines.

VAUCHÉ advises its customers and accompanies them in every step of reflection, up to the total project management of their project.

Examples of VAUCHÉ constructions :

  • municipal sorting waste center in Doha (Qatar – 963 000 t/year),
  • garbage sorting and composting plant in Gdansk (Poland – 140 000 t/year),
  • bottom ash treatment plant in Clermont-Ferrand (France – 65 000 t/year),
  • sorting center for single stream waste in Sao Paulo (Brazil – 77 000 t/year),
  • sorting center for single stream waste in Naples (Italy – 55 000 t/year).

Latest news :

  • realization of the sorting center for single stream waste in Angers (France – 30 000 t/year),
  • realization of the sorting center for single stream waste in Mons (Belgique – 40 000 t/year)
  • realization of the bottom ash treatment plant in Paris (France – 100 000 t/year).

As part of its policy of continuous improvement, VAUCHÉ is developing a resolutely forward-looking research and development program to continue to meet the needs of its clients (remote technical assistance goggles, connected watches, supervisory tablets, sorting robots,…).

VAUCHÉ after-sales service (ASS) is available to its customers for the supply of spare parts and wear and tear, as well as for complete diagnosis of their installations, compliance with new regulations, rehabilitation interventions… A team of professionals, supported by all the services of VAUCHÉ company and by its privileged partners, is attentive to the needs of its customers and expectations, in all areas related to after sales, spare parts…

Furthermore, VAUCHÉ has developed a website of used materials :

Based on the accumulated experience after 220 installations built around the world, the men and women composing VAUCHÉ express their skills in the realization of increasingly innovative units in order to make today VAUCHÉ a solid, reliable and innovative leader at the service of the environment.

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