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Vibrations Help Robots Sort Plastic

Vibrations Help Robots Sort Plastic
7 Jan 2021  |
The waste recycling plant was developed in collaboration with our customers Wamatech A/S and Nomi4s A/S. The whole plant is automatically driven and only needs one man for controlling.

Nomi4s has introduced a new development project, where the main objective is to develop and demonstrate a technical concept with automated technologies and methods. The concept will, with minimal human effort, help identify and sort recyclable resources from large fractions of waste.

The project can be divided into two main processes:

The first stage is the pre-sorting, where SKAKO’s finger screen helps separating the waste bales into smaller fractions, thus the metal, glass and plastic can be sorted by the vibrating scalper, that transports and separates the fractions under a magnetic belt.

The second stage is sorting the mixed plastic types. SKAKO’s Storage Feeder and Vibration Conveyor distribute the different types of plastic which help the infrared NIR sensor to scan the plastic and send the information to the robotic arms for pick up. The most common plastic types PP, PE and PET.


Material: Plastic waste, aluminium cans & glass

Capacity: 1000 t/h – 100 m3/h

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