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SKAKO With New Visual Identity

SKAKO With New Visual Identity
22 Jan 2021  |
At SKAKO changes are not affected just to change things. Through the last year both divisions of the company - SKAKO Concrete and SKAKO Vibration have experienced several new strategic initiatives to strengthen and future-proof the company.

Managing director of SKAKO Concrete A/S Steffen Kremmer says: ”Through the last year we have started five new general strategy tracks within the main areas: culture, digitalization, sustainability, subscription solutions, and sales/marketing. We have focused our efforts on markets of high priority and for selected segments as we have intensified the product and concept development of the products where we are most successful. This is part of the news we will tell our long-time customers as well as new customers in a new way. However, our expertise and the high service are still the same”, concludes the director.

SKAKO Vibration has also started an extensive strategic initiative including three general focus areas: minerals, hardware and recycling while design capacity is being increased and product development is being accelerated at the same time. Managing Director of SKAKO Vibration A/S Lionel Girieud says: ”With our latest acquisition of the Spanish company DARTEK (today SKAKO Dartek) we have three unique expert units: a hardware expert centre in Denmark, a mineral expert centre in France and now a recycling expert centre in Spain. This means that we can target pro- duct development, logistics and a specialized taskforce effort towards our so-called HOT SPOT markets and we will, of course, have a stronger position through our local representation in the Spanish and Portuguese regions giving us a wider reach towards other new destinations”, concludes the director.

No holy cows

Is it acceptable to change something as ’sacred’ as the company logo? According to SKAKO’s Group Communications Manager Steen-Flemming Elmarlund, it is. ”When it comes to the company’s general development and continuous modernization, there must not be any holy cows in the company’s efforts to constantly innovate”, emphasizes the Communications Manager. ”Having said so, you have to be careful not to dissociate yourself from your roots, employees, and customers. Something as essential as the company logo represents all that the company stands for. It is the sum of everything cultural and historical symbolized and expressed in one word or one illustration connecting the entire organization. By the end of a decade, it may be necessary to show the surrounding world that something remarkably new is going on. However, by changing your expression too dramatically you may say goodbye to all foundations, customers, and perhaps the key business. Then again… this might be the intention of some companies. But SKAKO reached a milestone where it was important to illustrate to the surrounding world that our company is developing significantly. So, the timing could not be better”, continues Elmarlund.

Managing Director Steffen Kremmer
SKAKO Concrete A/S

Managing Director Lionel Girieud
SKAKO Vibration A/S

”However, it has been important for us not to lose control and recognition with our long-time customers and cooperation partners. At the same time, there is a huge difference between changing your looks cosmetically and doing it through a healthier lifestyle. The adapted new identity with a new logo is only evidence of our two divisions experiencing renewal and progress”, continues the Communications Manager.

”The modified characteristic ’A’ represents a mindset of engineering and a design approach rather than a mere letter. Finally, it also associates to some of the constellations of many of SKAKO’s products and solutions”, says Elmarlund.

The implementation of the new SKAKO logo takes effect immediately in all dynamic media while the change of all static elements such as machines, cars, buildings, etc. will take place gradually.

”We are working on various communicative initiatives and expect to launch a brand-new website and a new complete design program in mid-March 2021. In the light of the extended Corona restrictions, we find it even more important to strengthen the communication with our employees for which reason we work intensively on completing new info systems and channels at central locations in the organization both in Denmark and abroad. Fortunately, Covid-19 cannot stop this kind of contact”, concludes the Communications Manager.

Group Communications Manager
Steen-Flemming Elmarlund

In future, SKAKO’s new logo will have four color versions:

  • The special SKAKO yellow colour
  • A positive version (black)
  • A negative version (white)
  • A grey color – exclusively for selected machines

The characteristic concrete mixers of SKAKO Concrete have developed significantly throughout the time being one of the foundation stones that have made SKAKO one of Europe’s largest, oldest and most well-reputed companies within concrete mixing equipment and material handling. Below the development of the characteristic concept of one of the company’s key products since the shown model from 1928

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