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Flexibility is The Key: Horizontal- or Cross Strapping as Required

Flexibility is The Key: Horizontal- or Cross Strapping as Required
11 Oct 2023  |
HSM GmbH + Co. KG, the manufacturer of baling presses and PET solutions in South Germany, proves its innovative spirit once again: its eye always on the challenges in the recycling sector. The largest baling presses in the wide product range, namely the HSM VK 12018 and HSM VK 15020 channel baling presses, can now be optionally equipped with the fully automatic cross strapping feature.

Thanks to the SCT System (Selectable Cross Tying) it is now possible to supplement the horizontal 5-fold wire strapping in proven HSM technology with the optional vertical 4-fold wire strapping. The vertical strapping can be switched on and off as required without any physical intervention by members of staff. Thanks to being coupled with a system of sorted containers, optimum strapping is selected automatically depending on the material and the requirement – and where possible, a saving is made on the strapping wire. The laborious cutting and reinserting of wires is a thing of the past thanks to automation, thus preventing an increased risk of accidents, whilst minimizing error sources and use of resources.

However, it is not only the strapping selection feature that makes the machine’s operation easy and comfortable: with the help of the innovative wire capture concept, the wires no longer have to be laboriously and exhaustingly threaded into the system whilst lying on the floor, but can be inserted quickly and easily from the side. The addition of the vertical strapping unit, which can be swivelled hydraulically and has an integrated maintenance platform, has further improved the handling. The two-handed operation increases the ergonomic aspects and the work safety.

Keyword process reliability: particularly when compressing smaller pieces of material, there is a possibility that debris collects in the wire channels and hampers the tying process. The cleaning effort required for the areas under the press is also immense. But HSM has also devised a solution for this. During the pressing process, baseplate and pressing plate slides prevent material working itself into the wire slot channels and the wire channels therefore remain free of debris. The integrated wire capture function additionally guarantees that every single wire is captured by the insertion needle.

An additional bonus: the power consumption. With a frequency-controlled drive, it is possible to save up to 40% more electricity than with a standard drive. This does not just save actual money, but also contributes to environmental protection. Acting sustainably has been in HSM’s veins since the company was founded over 50 years ago and is a matter of course for us. We heat almost 6,200 m2 of the company’s space through heat recovered from our own production. A photovoltaic system produces 10% of our own power requirements. At the very top of our eco-agenda is the use of eco-friendly and recyclable auxiliary materials as well as ensuring we make the shortest possible transport journeys – or better still, none at all.

The HSM VK 12018 and HSM VK 15020 with SCT channel baling presses are impressive with the usual, high “Made in Germany“ quality, which really means “Made by HSM“. All of the development and production of our baling presses is carried out in Germany – with our unique vertical manufacturing depth:  metal working, CNC-precision machines, laser cutting systems, welding robots, electro-engineering, powder coating or paint shop– HSM places great value both on competence in all areas and on the latest manufacturing technologies.

The new SCT (Selectable Cross Tying) system is arriving at the right time and offers the perfect strapping solution for very finely sorted, and therefore very small, plastics. The technology is impressive, productivity is increased dramatically and both employees and resources are spared. The machine availability and therefore its economical operation are taken to a completely new level.

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