Why Shred if you can Bale it Directly?

Why Shred if you can Bale it Directly?
Traditional volume reduction solutions using shredding requires not only the shredders itself but also a baler to bale the large scrap pieces and some dust collection system to take out the dust outside the facilities complying with safety and health standards.

Another way to handle the volume reduction is to compact them directly in saleable balers.

This method requires a Pinch Conveyor optimized to crush the boxes and drop them directly in the baler chamber. Alternatively, a large baler with a large inlet can also do the same job. Then, a powerful baler can create dense compact mill-size bales. This method is suitable for places with clean cardboard and a large volume of boxes as Distribution Centers, Warehouses, or even Cardboard Converters where scraps and old boxes can be dropped directly in the conveyor lane.

This approach is more economical, easy to install, and requires less footprint.

Take a look below a real installation step by step done by Kernic Systems in a large Distribution Center in Ontario, Canada.

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