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WKR Walter Austria: Start-Up of Another Herbold Film Wash Line

WKR Walter Austria: Start-Up of Another Herbold Film Wash Line
24 Jul 2020  |
To extend its facility in Wels, Austria, WKR Walter has chosen a complete integrated solution from HERBOLD Meckesheim GmbH, based in Meckesheim/Germany.

The key component of the plant is the latest generation of HERBOLD’s VWE pre-wash system, hydrocyclone separation, and a twin centrifugal drying step. WKR Walter recycles post-consumer film.

The infeed of the line is baled material, sourced from Germany, based on DSD 310 spec. It provides for the efficient cleaning of the material a hydrocyclone separation step as a key requirement for the production of high-grade recyclate for the manufacturing of thin-walled film. HERBOLD and WKR Walter are looking back to long-term cooperation. All the three existing wash lines have been upgraded by HERBOLD Meckesheim GmbH with hydrocyclones in the last couple of years, having allowed WKR Walter to upgrade the quality of the washed flakes to a new level. For the first time, WKR Walter is able to operate a film wash line without the need for a thermal drying unit, thanks to the efficient operation of the HERBOLD centrifuge.

The new line is designed for 10.000 t/year, WKR Walter is already discussing a further expansion.

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