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Doppstadt Presents Dust-Free Toner Cartridge Recycling

Doppstadt Presents Dust-Free Toner Cartridge Recycling
1 Dec 2020  |
Toner cartridge recycling is intricate and expensive. Doppstadt has now developed a patented and more efficient cartridge processing concept. The aim is to develop a complete processing plant for toner cartridges.

Harmful to Health and Highly Explosive

Printer toner cartridges must not be thrown into the household waste. The fine toner dust inside the cartridge is not only harmful to health but also highly explosive. Therefore, the cartridges have to be taken out of the printers and copying machines before the recycling process. As a result, toner recycling is complex, time-consuming, and expensive.    

Patented Processing Concept for Toner Cartridges

Doppstadt has developed a patented processing concept for this problem. Instead of removing the carcinogenic dust in a special de-dusting plant, the cartridges are put into an oven, which melts the particulate matter. After that, the melted toner is no longer explosive. This thermal pre-treatment replaces the complicated ex-zone categorization and de-dusting equipment. Both the annealing process and the toner, which has been transformed by this method, are protected by patents. 

In the subsequent pre-treatment, the toner can be shredded by means of the robust METHOR high-performance shredder, and ferrous metals are separated. The stationary plant also includes a non-ferrous metal separation.

Safe Processes

For both processes, Doppstadt attached great importance to health and safety measures. We have already ordered protection expertise. Furthermore, the Fraunhofer-Institute is examining and testing our plastic separation. The overriding aim is to recycle all kinds of plastic. This also applies to the agglomerated toner.

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