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EVK Introduces Its New ALPHA Edge Computing Platform for Real-Time Hyperspectral Imaging

EVK Introduces Its New ALPHA Edge Computing Platform for Real-Time Hyperspectral Imaging
EVK, the industrial imaging expert, presents the Edge computing platform EVK ALPHA G100 combined with its new hyperspectral camera EVK HELIOS EC32.

The combination of the powerful EVK ALPHA G100 computing platform and the specifically developed EVK HELIOS EC32 hyperspectral camera gives machinery and plant manufacturers the flexibility they need to analyse materials in their monitoring and sorting applications. 

The real-time capable ALPHA platform and the HELIOS EC32 hyperspectral camera featuring an outstanding signal-to-noise ratio, offer indispensable solutions when it comes to the real-time detection of materials in demanding industrial applications and sometimes harsh environments. What makes it even more striking is the newly developed functionality extension, which classifies the material in up to 100 material grades. 

EVK’s new solution takes on tasks such as the classification of individual polymers in complex plastic waste streams, the evaluation of solid recovered fuels (SRF) and refuse-derived fuels (RDF) as well as the elimination of foreign objects and the analysis of quality defects in the food industry.

Dr Matthias Kerschhaggl, CTO at EVK, puts it like this: ‘To make the plant of the future a reality, we must be able to display an increasing number of different materials in a single product stream and make the key data available to the user in real time. Our new EVK ALPHA platform and hyperspectral cameras from the EVK HELIOS EC series give our industrial clients the power to optimise their production processes and resource usage, increasing profitability.’

EVK will present the new ALPHA platform and other EVK products at IFAT 2022 at the EVK Booth 114 in Hall B5.

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