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Inauguration of the Pellenc ST Innovation Center in Pertuis

Inauguration of the Pellenc ST Innovation Center in Pertuis
5 Jul 2022  |
Pellenc ST, a French mid-market company specializing in the design and manufacture of intelligent and connected sorting solutions, will inaugurate its new Innovation Center in Pertuis (Vaucluse) on June 28, 2022. The Center is a 1350 m2 space dedicated to R&D aimed at designing, prototyping and validating the technologies of tomorrow, in the real-life conditions of a sorting center. Cameras, connectivity, sensors, Artificial Intelligence, and robotization: the sorting plant of the future is being designed in this building!

The Pellenc ST Innovation Center is divided into two areas: the first is dedicated to prototyping (mechanical, optical, electronic etc.) and the second one reproduces the real-life conditions of a sorting center. The latter accommodates four sorting lines which simulate the 4.0 sorting center. R&D will focus on optimizing certain applications, for actual and emerging sectors of industry, integrating new technology like “digital watermarking” and quality control development. A modular line has also been designed to evolve with technology (X-ray, Artificial Intelligence or even spectroscopy). With this new industrial tool, the R&D teams at Pellenc ST are able to optimize the development of the sorting solutions of tomorrow in collaboration with other industry stakeholders.

The Innovation Center will play an important role in the company’s development over the next 3 years. The stated ambition is: to double the company’s workforce and reach €97m in turnover by 2025. In this context the development and modernization of the industrial areas at Pellenc ST represent an investment of €30 m (2018 – 2025). This will mean construction of 4000 m2 of premises divided into 3 units of 1000 to 1500 m2 each, the Innovation Center is the
first phase of this extensive development project. The center has received investment support from Bpifrance, the South Region, ADEME, the “Territoires d’industrie” initiative and the “Régions de France” institution. It has also received financial support from the State under the “Plan France Relance” initiative. The Innovation Center will be completed by 2023 with a larger Production Center and a new Test and Demonstration Center for customers and

“With constant growth and a stable shareholder base, we continue to develop our business, reinvesting most of our profits in R&D. More than a third of our teams are currently working on the solutions for tomorrow. Like our partners we share a passion for innovation and the recycling industry, with the aim of creating a shared and sustainable future » states Pellenc ST’s President, Jean Henin.

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Pellenc ST, intelligent and connected sorting for the recycling industry Pellenc ST develops optical sorting machines for household and industrial wastes. The technologies used to sort these materials are near infrared (NIR), middle infrared, vision...

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