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Ad Rem is a Belgium based joint venture of Group Galloo, one of Europe’s leading recycling companies of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and Valtech, a holding containing 15 niche market engineering and construction companies that are mainly active in, or closely connected to the recycling industry.

Based on the technological experiences of Group Galloo, Ad Rem has developed a range of equipment for the separation of shredder residues (shredder heavy fraction, and shredder light fraction) in non-ferrous metals, RDF, plastics… Our technology can also be used to treat WEEE residues, incineration metals, etc.

The heart of the process consists of a patented dense medium separation system (sink – float), but our total installations include feeders, screens, air separation equipment, water treatment, and much more. Ad Rem can offer complete PST (Post Shredder Technology) lines that can handle up to 40 tons per hour turnkey.

Ad Rem technology is the most competitive way to go if you want to treat shredder residues like ASR, WEEE, etc… in large quantities. The extra recovery of 2 to 4% metals, but also the separation of the organics inside the shredder residues to create a low chlorine fuel, and the separation of the plastic fractions, ensure a percentage of the recovery that will be higher than any other equipment or technology.

Our Mission: Providing solutions to improve resource recovery from shredder waste worldwide. Leading through technological innovation.

Our Vision: Reinforcing our position in the global recycling market through technological (r)evolution. Offering long-term, high-quality solutions.


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