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5.000 m2 including offices, warehouse and technical laboratory, meant for design of granulators, shredders and size reduction plants.
15 thousand industrial machines sold all over the world.
1 million spare parts available for the CMG products.


30 years of experience in the design of standard and customised industrial machines.
A staff of engineers constantly engaged in the research and development of new technologies, with patents registered all over the world.
Applications for grinding plastic materils, thermoplastic rubber, foamed materials, wood, non ferrous metals and tyres.

Quality of service

Rapid response to requests, with various solutions,to saisfy the vast range of customer demands.
Efficient After-Sales assistance, thnks to the availability of spare part, as the head office and with local distributors, and the possibility of having scheduled manintenance contracts, which ensure, efficient means and greater residual value at the time of replacement.

Technical center

More than 20 machines available to the customers, including granulators, shredders, conveyor system, dust separators.
It is possible to program tests and check the performance and methods of customisation of the machines.

C.M.G. S.p.a.
Via Antonio Sarti 2
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