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CMG Granulators

CMG Granulators was established in 1979 in Budrio, Italy. The company designs and produces solutions for the recycling industry, represented by granulators, shredders, integral feed conveyors, regrind evacuation and conveying systems and powder separation executions.

Quality, innovation and attention to the needs of the customer have always been the guidelines for CMG, that today offers one of the largest and most comprehensive product ranges to cover post-consumer and post-industrial recycling applications for all plastics processing sectors.

With over 30,000 units installed at customers in Europe, America, Middle East and Asia, CMG holds a leadership position in the world.

CMG Granulators serves the worldwide plastics processing industry with solutions having attributes of competitivity and efficiency, and several of the many plastics processing machine suppliers have established collaborations with CMG for the development of personalized granulation and in-line recovery solutions.

CMG Granulators operates in the plastics industry through six Application Sectors:

  1. Thermoforming – continuous and single-station applications
  2. Extrusion – sheet, film, pipes, profiles
  3. Blow moulding – packaging, tanks, connections
  4. Injection moulding – bumpers, dashboards, lighting, manifolds, PET preforms, PVC couplers, electric components, boxes, bins
  5. Recycling – in-house and post-consumer, with the exclusive U&G design (disposable knives)
  6. Cables – recycling and grinding systems for cables

Forty-five years of growth are a significant target, as well as an important starting point. CMG Granulators boasts a complete range of products that go from the small beside the press granulators all the way to the very advanced ATEX solutions for the automotive industry, and from the granulation and powder separation applications for PET packaging production (blown and thermoformed) to the large size granulators and shredders for recycling applications of post-consumer plastic products.

Ruggedness, dependability and innovation are those distinguishing attributes that make the CMG range also ideal for cable recycling applications.

CMG Granulators is one of the precursors in the development of advanced solutions featuring energy efficiency and integration capabilities. All equipment and machinery supplied by CMG are certified to comply with the Industry 4.0 guidelines, and favour of advanced controls that enhance operativity and performance. A perfect solution for today’s Circular Economy requirements. CMG Granulators guarantees the lowest TCO of the category.

With Headquarters, Production Site and Technical Centre in Italy and the world’s largest distribution network in the plastics industry, CMG is active worldwide with service and sales centres and localized technical skills.

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CMG Granulators
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