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Krysteline is a provider of innovative solutions to the materials processing industry. Principally using its Implosion systems; developed for efficient and cost effective size reduction of glass, ceramics, minerals, ores and furnace slags.

The Patented Imploder transfers energy into the target feed stock whilst exerting a limited effect on associated materials allows for the material’s efficient separation. Krysteline`s strategy is to develop partnerships for the processing of glass waste in to high quality end products.

This could be Cullet for furnaces, Sands for Water Filtration and Abrasives, fillers for plastic or more specialised products such as cement additives or Silicon Fertilisers.

Krysteline has over 20 years experience designing building and exporting processing systems from simple stand-alone units to multi-functional purification plants. Krysteline`s strategy is to provide processing solutions and valuation for all collected glass no matter its size or quality.

Krysteline Technologies
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