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Macau Converts Container Glass In To Sands For Construction Using Krysteline Technology

Macau Converts Container Glass In To Sands For Construction Using Krysteline Technology
26 Sep 2019  |
Macau, the special administrative region of the Peoples Republic of China, lies alongside the Pearl River Delta across from Hong Kong and is the most densly populated region in the world with 636,200 people living on just 30.2km2.

The economy of Macau is heavily dependent on gambling and rivals Las Vegas in scale. Over 30 million visitors arrive on the Island annually to absorb the gambling culture.


The cost of shipping glass off the Island was prohibitive so a solution for local use of the processed glass sand was imperative. Generally the containers are clean but range in size from beer bottles to very large magnums of Champagne.


All glass, when converted to a sand, has the potential to displace naturally occurring sands. Macau’s building program is dependent on the reclamation of land using traditional methods. However the demand for refined sands of a suitable quality for block paver installations has risen significantly causing a shortage of suitable sand. 

The Krysteline sand production machine was installed with the express aim of converting glass bottles in to a variety of sand sizes suitable for a number of construction based markets.


The installation of the Krysteline system has converted all of the collected container glass generated on the Island in to several grades of sands for use in the bedding of block pavers. The non-porous structure of the glass sand minimises the water absorption and increases compaction as well as providing an excellent form of drainage. All of these factors improve the stability of the block paving and therefore the safety of the public using the walkways. 

It is anticipated the use of glass sands and powders will increase on the Island as the building boom continues. 
The strategy of Macau to select the innovative Krysteline technology has proved the cost effectiveness of glass recycling on the Island as well as creating a low carbon footprint. 

This technology is capable of processing from 6tph and can be integrated to the ground breaking Pyro Drier for full purification and sterilisation of the processed glass further enhancing its quality, value and market take-up. 

The processed glass sands from the Krysteline system are suitable for a number of aggregate substitute markets within a size range from 0.2mm to 3mm.

Picture credits: Photo by Stas Kulesh on Unsplash

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