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Plastic Recycling with WEIMA

29 Mar 2021  |
In-house Recycling and Post Consumer Plastics Shredding: Plastic is a versatile material.

Its properties range from tough polymer structures to highly rigid high-tech products. Efficient shredding requires a great deal of experience and know-how.

With many thousands of plastic shredders delivered, there are hardly any applications that we have not already implemented.

These include classic items such as start-up lumps, crates, pallets, pipes, containers, moulded parts and post-consumer waste such as PET bottles or packaging. But also particularly tear-resistant materials such as rubber, fibers and films, aramid, Kevlar or carbon.

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Once you’ve worked with a WEIMA shredder, you will understand why it’s the #1 choice of plastic, waste, paper, and wood recyclers worldwide. Unit after unit, WEIMA provides the same consistent and distinctive German engineering...

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