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Recycling Begins Where Waste is Produced!

8 Dec 2020  |
In the Bünde plant of the Egger Group, the most modern equipment from IMA is used to manufacture furniture components.

Now any waste from production is directly forwarded from the cutting line to the RHZ 400 shredder.

At Schelling’s cut-to-size saw, the cut-off scraps are led through a flap directly to the vibrating chute, which feeds the shredder RHZ 400. With 400 rpm, the Reinbold horizontal shredder is a fast runner under the shredders, the automatic feed ensures high throughput.

The RHZ is always used when the residues are long and flat. With an infeed chain also short pieces can be shredded. With a larger diameter of the rotor, the thickness of the parts to be shredded also increases, the maximum feeding height is 200mm with a 495mm rotor diameter. Like all other Reinbold machines, the RHZ uses the typical Reinbold round blades.

Mr. Kleinemeir, head of maintenance at the Bünde factory, is satisfied with the low noise level and the easy maintenance “The easy access to the blades makes maintenance fast and simple”.

If you also have ideas on how to make your production more effective, we will be happy to help you.

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The company Reinbold was founded in Emmendingen in the Black Forest in 1992, since the takeover in 2000 it has developed into a global player in the wood recycling industry. Our single-shaft shredders and briquetting...