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BHS-Sonthofen Offers Control Solutions For Complete Recycling Plants

BHS-Sonthofen offers control solutions for complete recycling plants
BHS-Sonthofen now offers turnkey control systems for complete plants in the field of recycling and environment thanks to the newly founded BHS Control Systems GmbH & Co. KG. The customer receives complete solutions tailored to their needs, including recycling, control, and automation technology from a single source. BHS provides assistance in transferring the control system to modern systems.

“A lot of companies currently use control systems and software that providers no longer support,” explains Steffen Kämmerer, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at BHS-Sonthofen and Managing Director of BHS Control Systems. “That is why we are seeing an increasing demand for control solutions when it comes to expanding or modernizing existing recycling plants.” BHS provides an especially high level of safety and flexibility both in the modernization of systems and in new plants thanks to its efficient and open solutions.

BHS-Sonthofen significantly expanded its service portfolio in the area of control and automation technology with the acquisition of Thoma Elektrosteuerungsanlagen GmbH from Babenhausen on 1 January 2020. Using its more than 30 years of experience and expertise as a basis, the Group now also offers customers engineering, supply, and design services for turnkey plant control systems for major projects in the recycling industry. BHS takes care of installation and commissioning and also provides user support and training.

BHS Control Systems offers turnkey control solutions for complete recycling plants.

Customers benefit from the open interface architecture. “Win CC Open Architecture is an open and scalable system that enables a wide range of components to be integrated smoothly and it is suitable for both small and large plants,” explains Kämmerer. BHS uses this as the foundation for custom solutions. The customer can expand the plant as required without the need for major investment in interface management. From a simple small system to a complex high-end system, the architecture is highly adaptable.

Win CC Open Architecture is also platform neutral and runs on Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. The system has proven itself to be extremely efficient when being used in everything from user guidance to system connection. BHS develops the individual components of its automation and control technology at its site in Babenhausen near Memmingen, Germany, in exact line the customer’s individual requirements. BHS Control Systems is already implementing a project in the processing of lithium-ion batteries for the Recycling & Environment division of BHS.

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