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SERAM Handling Equipment for Recycling Applications

SERAM Handling Equipment for Recycling Applications
29 Jun 2021  |
The company SERAM was created in 1973, for the design and manufacture of handling equipment.

SERAM manufactures electrical equipment: balanced cranes, conveyors with metallic belts, and vibrating tables. The company is run by Mr. Joaquin Semis and employs around 70 people. It combines several trades of the industry such as metallurgy, welding, cutting, hydraulics, mechanics, painting, machining, and electricity. They are all experts in their fields.

SERAM has its own design office, which enables in-depth analysis of each project. The know-how enables the complete control of the production chain, from the feasibility analysis of the projects, through the manufacture, up to the maintenance. SERAM is present in many activity fields such as scrap, metal, paper/board recycling, as well as port, scrap, log, bulk handling… And for sorting plants, shear and shredder feeding, etc…

What about our balanced electric cranes, patented in the ’80s?

They have many advantages: 70% energy savings compared to a thermal crane, and 50% savings compared to an unbalanced electric crane.

SERAM cranes, therefore, have a low maintenance cost, no diesel oil, engine oil, or filter replacement costs (necessary every 200 hours on ordinary excavators). They are also environmentally friendly as they do not cause any C02 emissions. They are silent which is very comfortable. And, the advanced cab offers an exceptional panoramic view of the construction site and allows the site workers to work in total security. At last but not least, a technical room includes the crane’s electrical and hydraulic components, making them easy to maintain and protecting them from bad weather. 

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