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Machinex Launcher Intelligent Solutions MachVision & Intell Platform

Machinex Launcher Intelligent Solutions MachVision & Intell Platform
As a leader and expert in sorting technologies, it is with pride that Machinex will officially present its new high-tech products, MACH Vision & the Intell Platform, to the industry at Waste Expo on June 29th and 30th.

MACH Vision and Intell use Machinex artificial intelligence.  Developed by its research and development team, Machinex has developed its own artificial intelligence in recent years to integrate it with its Samurai sorting robot and other high-tech products. These products give the company complete autonomy and better control over the efficiency of its equipment to deliver high-performance turnkey systems to its customers.

MACH Vision

MACH Vision is a data acquisition station powered by AI, and it can use a combination of field-proven technologies, such as infrared hyperspectral technology, visual recognition, and metal detectors to analyze material streams. This vision system provides a great understanding of material composition in real-time, allowing MRF operators to benefit from valuable data on system efficiency and the ever-changing composition of materials in the recovery stream. With this information, operators can quickly respond to changing trends to optimize plant performance. 

“This new equipment is a real game-changer for MRF operations since they can now be based on smart processing,” says Chris Hawn, CEO of Machinex Technologies, the company’s US division. “The MACH Vision system allows operators to be aware of the breakdown of material streams by material type, composition, and contamination. They will be able to target areas for potential improvement of operations and plant adjustments, as well as create an instantaneous shift in behavior before next collection,” added Hawn. MACH Vision is connected to Vision Intell, a platform that provides real-time data capture to fully comprehend the material stream.

Intell Platform

To provide MRF managers with detailed information, Machinex has developed the Intell platform, connecting to high-tech equipment such as MACH Vision, SamurAI® Robots, and MACH Hyspec® Optical Sorters. The Intell dashboard provides real-time capture to fully comprehend the material stream seen by the AI and other technologies used by the connected equipment. This can allow a data-driven decision process for the MRF operator to optimize performances since they can react quickly. The Intell system provides key performance indicators such as the flow composition, volume per material type, material trends per given period, and the total material seen on the belt.

Don’t Miss Machinex At Waste Expo

During Waste Expo, visitors will have the chance to demo the Intell platform at Machinex booth #2671. They will also enjoy a live Virtual Tour of our recently added TechnoHub and Expanded Production facilities on Tuesday and Wednesday at 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM. Come visit us!

The Sorting Technologies Expert

Over the years, Machinex has developed equipment allowing its customers to improve the performance of their operations with better automation of sorting techniques. In addition, the company has always adapted to market changes by building state-of-the-art equipment. Offering solutions like MACH Vision & Intell is therefore aligned with the company’s philosophy.

New Technology Hub

To fuel its vision for the future and develop its latest technologies, the company has also completed the construction of a new Technology Hub.  This center welcomes its research and development department and high-tech equipment manufacturing, such as that of optical sorters and sorting robots.

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