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SGM X-RAY Sorter Based on Latest X-ray Through Beam Technology

26 Mar 2021  |
The SGM X-RAY sorter is based on the latest X-ray through beam technology using high dual energy for metal separation and single low energy for plastic separation.

The dual energy sensors allow for the identification of different metal pieces regardless of their thickness. The material to be inspected and sorted is evenly distributed onto the sorter conveyor belt and transported between X-ray emitter (source) and receiver (LDA). The energy emitted by the X-ray source passes through the material under inspection and the receiver measures the residual level of energy, which is characteristic of the atomic composition of the material crossed.

The information read by the receiver is processed by a computer that decides whether or not to trigger the pneumatic sorting device. The software allows the user to choose from a variety of algorithms, and an interactive interface allows simple intuitive setups. The synchronization between the pneumatic rejection system setting and the belt speed setting is automatic. Operating in temperatures from 5°C to 35°C with working pressure of 8 bar. Different models available.

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