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Advanced Sorting of Aluminium Alloys Thanks To XRF-BS

Advanced Sorting of Aluminium Alloys Thanks To XRF-BS - SGM Magnetics
The new technology combines XRF with XR Back Scattering and is the alternative to laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) for the sorting of aluminium alloys.

XR Back Scattering is an underlying phenomenon of fluorescence and is usually considered as a rumour in the XRF spectrographic sorting analysis. Instead of being represented by a few high intensity peaks of specific energies, it is characterised by a continuous distribution of low intensity photons, the distribution profiles of which are characteristic of the presence of the various metals.

XRF-BS can identify metal concentrations down to 0.2% which makes it a performing solution for sorting the different aluminium alloys. So what are the main benefits of XRF-BS versus LIBS?

  • Deeper analysis results in better performance in case of critical material surfaces (paint, dirt, etc.).
  • Higher accuracy due to continuous analysis vs LIBS discontinuous spot micro analysis.
  • Continuous analysis makes sorting independent from the shape of pieces.

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