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The Value in Scrap

The Value in Scrap
Whilst the environmental benefits of utilising recycled metal are clear, finding better means of moving away from a reliance on unprocessed material is vital, in such a turbulent climate. Almost every kind of metal can be recycled repeatedly without degradation of properties, so there is little argument against heavy investment into greener methods.

The upward trend in the cost of steel, sourced from an ever-dwindling supply, means that the need for recycled metals is becoming increasingly important. This is where intelligent recycling systems come in to play, ensuring that ‘recycled’ does not equate to a loss in quality or quantity for processers and their end customers.

Eriez Europe recognises the importance of recovering high grades of ferrous metal from recycled waste streams. With this in the mind, the Eriez SRP drum allows for top-fed or bottom-fed orientation to provide customers with the option of maximum grade or maximum recovery respectively. This allows each scrap processor to set a unique and unrestricted objective for processing. The SRP has been specially designed with a 6mm thick manganese outer shell to withstand arduous applications with little maintenance, keeping expenses low during a period where costs are increasingly high. Likewise, copper and aluminium are equally troublesome to source because of unprecedented demand. Eriez Eddy Current Separator, when combined with the SRP, offers a solution to recover both invaluable ferrous and non-ferrous metal.

Therefore, it’s no secret that recycling and reprocessing steel locally is greatly advantageous, especially in the face of difficulties in the global raw materials supply chain. To divert some of this pressure, it would be prudent for metal recyclers to invest in high-quality, specially adapted technology, to make the most of every application.

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