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ITS CRS2000 - Capsule Recycling System

ITS CRS2000 - Capsule Recycling System
23 May 2024  |
One of the largest coffee capsules producer approached  ITS looking for a compact solution to separate the used ground coffee beans from the aluminium capsules.

The first units used shredders/granulators to free the coffee grinds from the packaging. This method created packaging residues which migrated into the separated coffee grinds.

The engineers at ITS have developed and innovative recycling system. The main challenge this project presented was being able to process the coffee grinds which continuously transform due to several factors such as external environmental conditions and interval from the moment a capsule is discarded to recycling time. The internal coffee grinds can have a humidity of almost 100% with a consistency of a sludge or be completely dry in a shape of a small very hard ball. This condition would not allow traditional separation methods based on density or size.

The CRS2000 units designed by ITS can successfully separate the used coffee grinds from their packaging regardless of their internal physical conditions with very little cross contamination. This patented system has demonstrated to perform well with both aluminium capsules or the plastic versions.

In these past years ITS has supplied in several parts of the world these units which are being operated by the partners of this large multinational group.

These units are easy to set and their “plug & play” configuration make them very simple to operate. All moving parts are enclosed and protected to prevent any contact with the operator.

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