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Lower Costs Through Size Reduction With UNTHA

Lower Costs Through Size Reduction With UNTHA
11 Jun 2024  |
There are many reasons for shredding different materials. These include, among others, the reduction of required storage space, lower transport costs and the preparation for subsequent recycling processes. This is always accompanied by more efficient process design and a reduction in costs. 

In sectors such as the automotive industry, where large and bulky parts such as bonnets and car doors are disposed of, transported and processed, a shredder such as the UNTHA XR3000C is ideal. With its energy-efficient yet powerful motor (UNTHA Eco Power Drive), this single-shaft shredder ensures that even difficult materials such as metals are shredded efficiently. The C-cutting system, in conjunction with a perforated screen, shreds the material to a homogeneous fraction size in a single pass. This ensures an optimal FE-sorting preparation as well as an increase of the material bulk density by 100–200% depending on the input material size – or in other words, reduces the volume of storage by the same factor. 

The UNTHA XR3000 shreds a wide range of different material (compositions) with ease, including aluminium scrap, sheet metal, e-scrap, industrial, commercial, household and bulky waste, waste wood, pulper ropes and plastic bales.

The UNTHA XR is a single-shaft shredder and is ideal for coarse pre-shredding of various materials but is particularly impressive in medium and fine shredding: high throughput rates and homogeneous output material, with economical use of energy and low noise and dust emissions. Thanks to its robust design, the XR3000 requires very little maintenance and is resistant to impurities – these can be removed quickly and easily. Depending on which cutting system is combined with which perforated screens, shredders can be customised to suit the material to be shredded or specific requirements. In addition, the cutting gap and operating programme can be set individually, and perforated screens can be replaced using a quick-change system. All this ensures that the material is always shredded to the desired fraction size and that processes run efficiently.

The shredding process with the XR from UNTHA ensures optimum material disintegration and a homogeneous output material. The reduction in volume goes hand in hand with an increase in bulk density, which means that storage and transport costs can be reduced. In addition, the XR ensures a pure material that can be returned to the material cycle as a high-quality raw material. All of this also helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

UNTHA XR3000 – Key facts

  • Efficient coarse, medium and fine shredding
  • Stationary & mobil-e version
  • Throughput capacity up to 70 t/h (depending on material)
  • Energy-saving UNTHA Eco Power Drive
  • RC, C and XC cutting system for different requirements and materials
  • Fraction sizes (based on cutting system) from 25 to 300 mm

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