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M&J Recycling Leads The Way With a Superior Electronic Fine-Shredder

M&J Recycling Leads The Way With a Superior Electronic Fine-Shredder
7 Jun 2023  |
The new, energy-efficient M&J F320 E-drive is designed to deliver the best RDF/SRF output on the market (up to 28 tonnes per hour). The electronic fine-shredder has the same robustness and power as its hydraulic counterpart, but is significantly cheaper to run and much quieter.

The task for M&J Recycling’s development team was clear from the start when they set out to produce an electronic fine-shredder for heavy production of RDF/SRF. All the familiar qualities of the company’s hydraulic fine-shredders were to be retained 1 to 1 in the new M&J F320 E-drive. That means the same capacity output, the same stability and the same durable build quality that customers have long since come to know M&J Recycling for. The results speak for themselves. The M&J F320 E-drive performs fully on par with the hydraulic version and has a number of obvious advantages.

Major operational savings

The M&J F320 E-drive uses around 20% less energy for production, which translates directly to the operating budget – especially in these times of rising energy prices. Also, with the E-drive solution you need a lower amperage on the main power supply due to smaller electric motors used in the driveline (160 kW motor instead of 250 kW). In certain markets, this results in a reduction of the tax for installed power connection.

“E-drive requires a minimum of service and wears out less than a hydraulic drive. There are fewer moving components in the drivetrain and you don’t need to supervise and exchange hydraulic components. Together, this means that the customer can expect significantly higher uptime and significantly lower costs to keep the machine running.” – Jens Vestergaard Nielsen, Head of R&D

Creates a better working environment

In addition to budget savings, the electronic fine-shredder also has automatic connection to the service centre, saving response time and potentially enabling preventive maintenance. Last, but not least, the E-drive makes significantly less noise than a hydraulic drive, due to the lack of large pumps. Tests confirm that the noise level and noise power from E-driven units are measurably lower, and therefore result in a marked improvement in the working environment for the employees.

The first M&J F320 E-drive has already been installed and is in use at a customer site. In preliminary tests, both power consumption and capacity fulfil all expectations.

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