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Data Capture System for Hard Drive Shredders

Data Capture System for Hard Drive Shredders
18 Oct 2023  |
All Ameri-Shred hard drive shredders can be equipped with their new Data Capture System, which is revolutionizing data destruction in compliance with the latest standards. It is available on HDD, SSD, and HDD-SSD models that range in horsepower from 1.5 to 200 HP.

The Data Capture System was designed to help meet R2v3 requirements for certified electronic recycling. R2 was originally created with guidance from the Environmental Protection Agency, and R2v3 is the global certification standard for the IT asset disposition (ITAD) industry.

One of the system’s distinguishing features is its versatility. It allows the user to photograph the drive, which identifies and captures the barcodes, and then videotape the shredding process. Each step in the data destruction and cataloging process is precisely time-stamped. This chronological documentation ensures that an accurate record of data destruction is maintained.

The system’s flexibility allows users to decide whether to utilize the Data Capture System in full, in part, or bypass it entirely. When fully utilized, the controls will prevent the user from proceeding if previous steps have not been taken. This feature removes operator error from the equation.

The Data Capture System also allows for the convenient export of data. Users can choose between transferring data via a thumb drive or directly connecting to a computer, tablet, or laptop. The information is organized by job name, which can be recalled and updated as needed.

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