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Back to the Future with UPANEXT®!

Back to the Future with UPANEXT®!
2 Mar 2021  |
It’s not a time machine, but the engineers at unoTech® GmbH agree that a new era in the construction of fully automatic presses for recycling has begun with the market launch of the new UPANEXT® baling press.

The UPANEXT® recently delivered to a Norwegian company contains a plethora of innovations that enable the user to offer the most economical solution to suit the market at any time in response to the most varied demands when processing recycling and industrial waste. The baling press manufacturer is meeting its goal of constant technical innovation; both by means of constantly improving value for money with maximum availability and reduced wear, and by successfully combining tried and tested technology with the newest findings from baling press technology.

As a classic full-format press with a duct cross-section of 110 cm x 110 cm, the UPANEXT® has both fully automatic vertical and horizontal binding. Depending on the customer’s wishes or special requirements, fully automatic binding with steel wire – also possible in combination with plastic wire – can be selected on the vertical or horizontal axis. The number of multiple bindings at the individual binding levels can be freely configured.

Thanks to this ability to configure freely, both industrial waste, which is usually sent for further use as fuel, and “normal” recyclables, such as paper and plastic fractions, can be processed without any problems, even when mixed. Depending on the requirements, the automatic binding mechanisms can be connected and disconnected.

There are many technical challenges for such a balancing act that have to be recognised when processing problematic varieties and taken into account during the design process. Extremely wear-resistant materials are used on all of the surfaces that come into contact with the materials to be pressed. Moreover, only components made of hardened stainless steel are used in all critical areas in order to protect against corrosion and product-related contamination. The unoTech® engineers are especially proud of the design of the pressing plate, which, as the heart of the machine, has already been given the title of “Masterpiece” within the team.

All of its tying grooves required for automatic binding remain fully closed in pressing mode. The tying slits open automatically only after a sequence of several compaction strokes, as soon as the time for binding the pressed bale has been reached. The normal binding sequences run from this moment onwards. Disruptions and jamming in the binding area caused by residues and other particles that can be pulled into the tying slits in conventional designs are thus a thing of the past. This measure alone has increased overall availability of the press to 98%.

With the new UPANEXT®, unoTech® GmbH is launching an innovative compaction system on the market, for the first time in the segment of shear balers, which will set new standards for flexibility and reliability.

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