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Economical and Sustainable Waste Management

Economical and Sustainable Waste Management
16 May 2022  |
The continuously increasing use of cardboard and the growing mountains of packaging waste mean that the demands made on the recycling industry are also increasing.

Storage spaces must be used even more efficiently or are even not available. HSM baling presses reduce the volume of your waste materials by up to 95%  – and reduce it where the waste is actually generated. This not only saves you space; the compression saves on expensive storage areas, reduces transit times in the company and also generates a secondary raw material which can be recycled. What is also more important than ever  – reducing CO2 emissions. Instead of getting containers with uncompressed material picked up, a lorry loaded with highly compressed bales is far more efficient. 

HSM GmbH + Co. KG, the manufacturer and baling press specialist from South Germany, has expanded its range of vertical baling presses with the HSM V-Press 830 plus. This supplements the wide range of machines in this series which is characterized by low transport heights and small installation areas. With a pressing force of 300 kN and easy operation, it is the economical and environmentally friendly solution for many waste disposal tasks

With their 4-fold strapping, the bales are optimally suited for economical storage and transport and can then be sold. With maximum dimensions of 1200 x 780 x max. 1100 millimetres, the highly compressed bales achieve a weight of up to 320 kilogrammes, depending on the material. Thanks to the special HSM TCS (TorsionControlSystem) the tilt of the pressing plate is continually monitored in all directions. This prevents uneven loads, optimises the pressing process and therefore ensures a long operating life as well as a high level of process reliability. Due to the modern microprocessor control and a convenient membrane keyboard with a graphics-capable text display, the operation of the machine is not only particularly simple, the display provides continuous information on the actual status of the machine.

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