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Supply of PEL120SSB SolarStreetBin to North East Lincolnshire

Supply of PEL120SSB SolarStreetBin to North East Lincolnshire
24 Jun 2022  |
The London borough of North East Lincolnshire in north-east UK covers an area of 191.9 KM2 and holds a population of 159,821 people. In early 2017, the Council initiated a project to evaluate the benefits available from an IoT litter bin and how this technology could save on the council’s overall litter collections costs North East Lincolnshire identified litter hotspot areas as trial sites for the SolarStreetBinTM litter bin.

North East Lincolnshire Council installed four solar bins in four parks in July 2019. They can be found in People’s Park, Cleethorpes Country Park, Weelsby Woods and Duke of York Gardens. PEL Waste Reduction Equipment conducted a site survey and further observation studies determined that a waste station comprising on 1 x PEL120SSB 120 Litre SolarStreetBinTM for mixed recyclables + 1 x PEL120SSB 120 Litre SolarStreetBinTM for general waste would be the optimum configuration to determine the value offered by an IoT litter bin.

Historically, the litter bins at Grimsby station required to be emptied or serviced at least 2-3 times per day during the week and at least once over the weekends. This servicing requirement was reduced to 2-3 visits per week throughout the duration of the trial period by virtue of the 10:1 compaction capability of the SolarStreetBinTM allowing for considerably more litter to be accommodated within the same unit volume of bin space available. The BriteBinTM communications software kept the councils waste collection service informed when the bins required collection and as the refuse trucks weren’t required as frequently as before the trial, a major reduction in the collections traffic and associated emissions were identified as additional benefits from this trial. No emergency clean-ups were required throughout the duration of the trial which was another important additional benefit attributable to availability of bin-fill level data to the council waste collections staff. North East Lincolnshire have concluded that working with PEL Waste Reduction Equipment and the SolarStreetBinTM IoT technology has generated significant value and have moved forward to rolling out this solution across the Borough. PEL Waste Reduction Equipment have installed an additional 10 PEL120SSB (22 Bins in total) general and recycling waste stations in high footfall locations throughout the Borough as the first stage in that roll-out programme and are continuing to work with the council on maximising the value from this solution. The council have a further 6 SolarStreetBinTM on order.

This contract is managed through the PEL Waste Reduction Equipment head office and the local PEL UK Rentals Ltd sales and technical service personnel who manage the maintenance requirements and any issues that arise with this contract.

Supply of PEL120SSB SolarStreetBin to North East Lincolnshire

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