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Rental machine - Flexible Option For Waste Management Professionals

Rental machine - Flexible Option For Waste Management Professionals
22 Jul 2020  |
A rental machine is a great solution when investing in your own TANA machine is not necessary.

Many waste management companies need machines only for a couple of weeks or months. The rental machine solves this problem and brings new possibilities to the customer’s business. Tana Rental rents machines for waste shredding, screening, and compacting primarily in Finland. Some of Tana Oy’s global dealers offer also rental services for TANA machines. For example, GCM Enviro in Australia and Tana Recycling Machinery UK offer the possibility to rent the TANA machine.

A suitable TANA machine will be always chosen based on customer’s materials and needs. Tana Rental delivers the machines serviced and ready for use directly to the customer’s site. Before the rental period customer can always test the machine with his own materials to find out how the machine will fit the company’s needs. A rental machine is a great option also during maintenance breaks and machine break downs.

Rental machine benefits

1. Savings

A rental machine is a great choice when you are starting a business in waste management or do not need a machine all the time. You can save a significant amount of money and natural resources when the machine is not standing still on the site.

2. Flexibility

A rental machine brings flexibility to business and the possibility to react to changing situations easily when you don’t need to worry about your own machine. You can get a TANA machine when you really need one.

2. Carefree

A rental machine is a carefree and easy choice for you because the TANA dealer will bear the risks on behalf of the customer.

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