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Rotochopper Field Day Events 2021

Rotochopper Field Day Events 2021
17 Nov 2021  |
Over the course of the last three months, Rotochopper has hosted three Field Day events across the country. The events, hosted at Rotochopper customers sites in Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Texas, provided an opportunity for attendees to see Rotochopper equipment in action, network with other business owners and operators, and connect with the Rotochopper team.

The first event took Rotochopper to Hay Creek Companies in Pittsville, Wisconsin. Machines demoed at the event included two horizontal grinders owned by Hay Creek Companies – a B-66 and an EC-366 that feeds into a Rotochopper RMT Hammermill. In addition, the 75DK slow-speed shredder, GB-250 Bagger, and Rotochopper’s new 365R Radial Stacking Conveyor were demonstrated at the event. Attendees were able to tour Hay Creek Companies’ facility and learn more about their operation to produce animal bedding, wood pellets, and mulch. 

The next event was hosted at The Compost Company outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Rotochopper’s Mid-Atlantic Sales Team provided attendees with a full day of demonstrations, learning and even hosted an on-site barbeque. The day in Tennessee included demos of the Rotochopper B-66L, FP-66, 75DK Shredder, and a GB-250. In between machine demos, attendees were also able to learn more about Rotochopper’s exclusive screen change system. This process was impressive to many attendees and included comments about the ease, accessibility, and speed of changing the screens.

The final event was hosted with our South Central Sales Team at GWG Wood Group in Dallas, Texas. The day in Texas was another full day of equipment demos. Attendees were able to see the B-66L grind green waste and whole logs, and after a screen change switch to make quick work of regrinding material. The MP-2 showed off its ability to efficiently grind pallets and pallet scrap. The 75DK Shredder was once again on-site to demo C&D materials and a few tires. Attendees were also able to view GWG’s two machines in action, their B-66 and B-66E, which have over 11,000 hours logged. Rotochopper also provided a presentation on RotoLink® to share with attendees the power and advantages of a remote monitoring system.

Rotochopper Marketing Manager, Nicole Klein, shared, “The Rotochopper Field Day events provide a unique opportunity for attendees from a regional area to participate in an up close and personal demo event. Attendees are able to not only learn from the Rotochopper sales and service team, but also from other business owners. The connections made at these events are immeasurable.”

Attendees at all three events were excited to see all the equipment in action, network with other business owners, and learn about the new and exciting things happening at Rotochopper. Thank you to everyone that was able to join Rotochopper for these Field Day events in 2021.

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