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Separation of Non-Ferrous Metals with Absolute Purity

the reason why Guidetti is known, is the ability to separate all non-ferrous metals, with absolute purity.

the reason why Guidetti is known is the ability to separate all non-ferrous metals, with absolute purity.

The machines that Guidetti offers are different for every type of need:

  • the RECO MILL series – designed to “clean up plastic from wire recycling (scrap) that still contains copper or aluminum. Ideal for small or large plants. Compact monobloc structure, composed of turbo pulverizer mill, air separation table, loading hopper. Available in 3 sizes:  200 Kg/h, 400 Kg/ h, 1000 Kg /h
  • the TURBO MILL + ROBI Separator lines – an increased version of the previous one that allows treating different tons/h, with total purity of recycled metals.
  • The multi-tables of the F series – battery separators to be modular according to the customer’s needs, up to 4 tables per structure, which allow to SIMULTANEOUSLY separate copper and aluminum of various grain sizes; they are autonomous, independent of each other, and equipped with an automatic start and stop system.

Iin our Testing-lab in Renazzo –  Italy,  we have 2 batteries of 4 tables that allow to simultaneously recycle 8 copper and aluminum granulometries. The Guidetti laboratory tower is available for free tests.

In terms of separation Guidetti has no rivals, those who do not yet know us must absolutely contact us, especially if they have problems with separate waste collection because with our experience, the innovation that every year makes us adapt our production to new needs. of recycling and materials, we have solved many separation problems to customers all over the world.

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Guidetti Recycling specializes in the design and construction of recycling systems for industrial waste aimed above all at the recovery of non-ferrous metals. Guidetti Recycling focuses heavily on quality and made in Italy. with over...

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