TANA Shark – The Size Reduction Specialist

TANA Shark - The Size Reduction Specialist
TANA Shark waste shredder is designed for shredding the widest range of materials and producing highly homogeneous end products. The key elements of TANA shredder are the unique versatility, ease of use and easy maintenance.

Case: Shredding alloy wheels significantly reduces logistics costs

Many recycling companies these days treat alloy wheels, as there is great value in them. However, only a few specialized companies are able to process them for the raw materials they contain, such as aluminum, magnesium, chromium, and molybdenum. Separating these metals and recycling them into usable raw materials requires a special chemical process.

Because of the lightweight and shape of alloy wheels, reducing their size before transport can generate a lot of value by cutting logistics costs by up to 75 percent. The TANA Shark shredder is the ideal machine for this application due to its high torque and robust, durable design. With the appropriate screen under the rotor, the TANA Shark produces a uniform particle size with an impressive throughput of more than 20 t/h.

Case: Shredding pocket spring mattresses for metal recovery and energy

Pocket spring mattresses are among the most challenging materials to recycle. Only a few shredders on the market have the torque needed to shred them and separate the metals. As a result, most pocket spring mattresses are still landfilled, even though they can be very difficult to compact.

The TANA Shark is one of the highest torque shredders on the market, producing no less than 440 kNm. With the appropriate screen under the rotor, the TANA Shark can achieve a huge size reduction and recover almost 100% of the metal. The remaining fiber mixture can be used for energy or as bedding for sports or animal fields.

The TANA Shark produces an impressive 5 big bags/hour of shredded fiber + metal recovery.

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