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Sorting Solutions for Textile Recycling 

More than just a supplier of sorting technologies, we are pioneers of innovation. The landscape of textile recycling is rapidly evolving, with an increasing need for textiles to embrace circularity in the future.

However, it’s not only the diversity of textile products that presents a challenge but also contaminants such as buttons, zippers, labels, etc., which complicate recycling processes. To recover recyclable fibres and textiles in a sustainable and profitable manner, it’s essential to develop innovative solutions that directly address these challenges. This is where we introduce REDWAVE TEX, the latest sorting system for the textile industry. Not only does this sorting system tackle existing recycling challenges, but it also serves as a catalyst for the future of textile recycling. With our expertise, we guide and support our customers, unlocking new market potential. Say hello to our newest sorting sensation, sorting garments with flair and precision.


  • Sorting PRECISION
  • EFFICIENCY in processing large quantities of textiles
  • ADAPTABILITY to customer requirements
  • LABOUR SAVINGS through automation
  • FLEXIBILITY in adjusting sorting criteria

What materials can the system sort?

  • From new textiles to used clothing and production waste, REDWAVE TEX is versatile:
  • Used clothing collection
  • Production waste
  • Returns and unsold goods
  • Hospital clothing

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