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REDWAVE – The intelligent generation of sorting technologies

Advancement through technical progress. REDWAVE is your reliable partner for innovative and profitable solutions in the recycling and waste industries.

The development of the most advanced sorting technologies and systems for the efficient recovery of valuable materials is our passion, with which we not only help our customers to become pioneers in the recycling industry but also make a positive, sustainable contribution to our mother earth.

  • Sensor-based sorting machines: near-infrared, camera system, XRF technology, combined multi-sensor systems
  • Turnkey sorting systems: Turnkey sorting systems: for glass, paper, metal, plastic, mixed household waste, RDF​, SRF, construction waste, mining, etc.
  • Waste treatment plants: mechanical and mechanical-biological treatment

Austria is a country where environmental awareness and environmental protection are a heartfelt matter for people and are taken very seriously. It was, therefore, no accident that this environmentally-friendly atmosphere inspired the founding of REDWAVE.

The REDWAVE brand, representing the recycling and waste processing division and associated sensor-based sorting technology of BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH (founded 1997), was established in the green heart of Austria in 2004. That was when company founder Mr. Heinrich Fuchs decided to expand the company beyond its original portfolio of plant solutions for the mineral and conveying industries.

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