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Efficient Waste Wood Treatment With The EKOMAXX 800 e-pu

Efficient Waste Wood Treatment With The EKOMAXX 800 e-pu
7 Jun 2024  |
The HRG Heisterner Holz Recycling GmbH is a powerful service provider that has established a reputation as a reliable processor of contaminated wood far beyond the borders of Saxony-Anhalt. Since 1992, the company has operated a treatment and sorting center in the Anhalt-Bitterfeld district for the acceptance, processing, and recycling of old and residual wood. Since January 2024, the ARJES EKOMAXX 800 e-pu, along with other shredding machines, has been regularly deployed on the company premises and is primarily used for the pre-shredding of these waste materials.

On an area of more than 50,000 m², the company is legally permitted to process up to 150,000 tons of material, with a simultaneous interim storage capacity of 30,000 tons of waste wood and bulky waste. The core business lies in the mechanical processing for the subsequent energy recovery of all waste wood categories AI to AIV, including bulky waste. The treatment process produces high-quality fuels, which are used to supply fresh and waste wood power plants in the region. Additional framework agreements, particularly in the area of railroad tie recycling, provide further exciting projects beyond the borders of Germany.

The contact with ARJES was established by sales representative Mario Herrmann, who was already acquainted with managing director Michael Tenhaeff from previous encounters. The mobile TITAN 900 served as a door opener to evaluate the practical application and quality of the shredding process. Tenhaeff was immediately impressed by the asynchronous shredding technology combined with the ARJES paddle shafts. However, for daily use on HRG’s premises, the TITAN class was too large, making the ARJES intermediate class EKOMAXX the more suitable choice.

With a clear focus on sustainable energy supply, all shredding machines and excavators at HRG are powered by the extensive solar panels installed on the roofs of the factory buildings. HRG’s concept is to operate in a manner that is both ecologically and economically sustainable.

“Of course, these are significant initial investments that our industry initially hesitated to make. However, this has changed significantly in recent years,” says Managing Director Michael Tenhaeff.

Consequently, only the electrically operated and stationary two-shaft shredder EKOMAXX 800 e-pu was considered, which ARJES provided for a week of trial operation in advance. The EKOMAXX 800 e-pu is also characterized by its high flexibility in application. Thus, the system can also shred mattresses, carpets, or other contaminants that are inevitably present when accepting bulky waste.

“For us, it would theoretically be easier if someone could pick up these mattresses or carpets as they are. However, this doesn’t always work due to logistical or capacity reasons. With the EKOMAXX 800 e-pu, we can now offer our customers these waste streams pre-shredded. That wouldn’t be possible with our other machines,” explains Tenhaeff.

The Managing Director of HRG is completely satisfied with the investment in the EKOMAXX 800 e-pu. The pre-shredded waste wood is conveyed into the hall via the subsequent conveyor system, where it is further shredded to 0 – 150 mm. In addition to producing a sorted final product for the power plants, the goal of the shredding process is also to optimize the loading capacity of the trucks in relation to their maximum transport weight.

When asked about the average throughput of tons per hour processed by the ARJES shredder, Tenhaeff responds casually, “That’s less relevant for us. We know that with the EKOMAXX 800 e-pu, we can clear the space if we want to. What’s much more important for us is the reliability and durability of the system. Especially the ARJES paddle shafts responsible for shredding the material inside the machine were one of the decisive factors for us. In case of wear, they are much easier to refurbish, saving us a lot of time and costs.”

The HRG Heisterner Holz Recycling GmbH has found an efficient and reliable solution with the stationary and electrically driven EKOMAXX 800 e-pu from ARJES, which optimizes their operational processes while simultaneously supporting their ecological and economic goals.

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