MetReTec Relies On Cross-Flow Chippers For Electronic Scrap Recycling Systems

MetReTec Relies On Cross-Flow Chippers For Electronic Scrap Recycling Systems
At the Mühlacker site in Baden-Württemberg, Germany the company MetReTec GmbH has built a new, modern recycling plant for recycling of electronic waste and circuit boards.

The recycling plant is located Muehlacker, Germany, has a plant area of ​​approx. 8000 m² and approx. 35 employees are operating the plant. A Turbo-Crusher type TQZ1200, from THM recycling solutions GmbH, is the first unit in the system and is used to shred and break up the input material. With a modern and comprehensive downstream separation system, the crushed and open-up material is separated into single-type fractions. The resulting pure materials, such as copper, precious metals, plastics, and steel are marketable materials that can be returned into the material cycle. Other material fractions that arise in this process can be refined or processed using other equipment.

About MetReTec:

MetReTec has established in Muehlacker, Germany with modern technologies and environmentally friendly processing for the recycling of electronic scrap. The aim is to achieve an effective recycling rate of almost 100% through innovation and optimized technically coordinated processes. Hundreds of tons of electronic scrap are processed, reused, or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner every year. MetReTec is able to accept almost all types of electronic scrap so that even objects that are difficult to recycle can find their right recycling route. MetReTec GmbH has been a certified waste management company since 2018.

About THM recycling solutions

THM recycling solutions GmbH is a sales and marketing company that belongs to Maschinenbau Ehehalt GmbH from Eppingen-Mühlbach (Germany), a company with over 30 years of expertise in manufacturing and development of recycling machines and with more than 1000 installed recycling machines worldwide. The product portfolio includes robust Granulators, Turbo Crusher, Cutting Mills, Shredders as well as Pre-Shredder. In addition, THM provides a wide range of services to its customers. 

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The company THM recycling solutions GmbH is a sales company of Maschinenbau Ehehalt GmbH, a company with over 30 years expertise in manufacturing of recycling machinery. We supply our customers with well-proven and highly available recycling machines that are perfectly matching the needs of the recycling industry. High flexibility, absolute reliability, ...

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